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One of the sweetest places I’ve ever visited was Heidelberg, Germany.  We didn’t plan on visiting, it was more of a fluke destination after passing Frankfurt and simply needing a stop before heading into Switzerland.

I remember there being a lot of students in Heidelberg.  It’s home to one of the oldest (maybe THE oldest?) universities in Germany and the Main Street was either full of tourists in the shops or students having a beer in the pubs.  I specifically remember getting directions and travel tips from local students who seemed eager to help out a tourist and practice their English.

We lucked out and had great 25+ degree weather during the two days spent here which felt like enough time to see the main sights like the Main Street, Heidelberg Castle, Old City Bridge, andd Neckar River.  I read somewhere that the Main Street is about 1.5km long and one of the longest in Europe.  Getting from the main train station to the Main Street via local bus was easy, and we spend the majority of our time in Heidelberg walking around that area.

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The city was clean and its locals friendly.  At the end of the Main Street was the Heidelberg Castle.  The castle itself is pretty awesome, but so is the view of the city, hillside and the Neckar River.  Boats cruise up and down the river on a dinner or lunch cruise schedule and the cobblestone streets and sidewalks along the river are full of restaurants and coffee/wine shops.  If you’re travelling to Germany and arriving in Frankfurt, I highly recommend you head for Heidelberg, even if it’s out of your way.  It’s well worth it!

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