Peru Tours and Inca Trail Tour Guides

There are several guided tours you can take into Peru and all the way to Machu Picchu. I recommend Intrepid Travel tours. These tours are all affordable priced and run by experienced guides.

I also recommend using to find cheap hotels in Cuzco, Peru. Just search for Cuzco hotels and the search engine will compare hotel rates from all major hotel booking websites on the internet.

The plan was to arrive in Lima, Peru, spend a couple days hanging out, and then head to a city called Cuzco where we’d begin our journey along the inca trail to machu picchu. There were a few options: We could take a train right up to Machu Picchu, do a quick 2-day hike through a not-so-beaten path, or do the more adventurous and strenuous “4-Day Inca Trail Hike”. We chose the later, as it was more genuine and we both had a couple of weeks to kill – we weren’t in any kind of rush.

We got a tour guide from a company called SAS Travel Peru, and were grouped with about 10 other people from all over the place. In addition to the guide, SAS provided a cook and some porters to carry things like tents, pots, chairs, etc. The porters were awesome, and rumored to be locals that lived up in the mountains, hired and well-treated by SAS.

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