Put Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Bucket List

Mostar might be the #1 reason you visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and for good reason. For sightseeing, check out the Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque and the Kravica Waterfall. The best and most obvious to-do is a visit to the Old Bridge (I’m pretty sure it’s actually called “The Old Bridge”). Some of your best trip photos will be of this bridge and either side of it is a small maze of streets worth getting lost in.

If you stay near the heart of the old town in Mostar your accommodation will likely be a replica of some ancient stone quarters (like the Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Cuprija below) – a nice touch from places making an effort to hold on to some old-school charm.

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If you’re in this neck of the woods you’re likely to visit Sarajevo. This place was a war zone nearly 20 years ago and buildings are still scathed with bullets and cemeteries are everywhere. It’s not uncommon to find bombed-out sections of buildings used by residents or business owners today. Every single historical tour you can find in Sarajevo is worth doing. Their food is great (if you don’t mind eating not-so-healthy grub) and beer is cheap – cheaper than water in a lot of places.

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